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Indeed! And how many of us has been anywhere near the edge of the M6 performance envelope? Except for traffic light drag race...

As far as I'm concerned, the performance gains have become meaningless to what I think 99% of us, so other factors are more important...
What is great here is how many deserted roads with corners we have. You haven't done Taihape to Napier, Opotiki to Gisborne and many many other roads. I've averaged 130kmh from the start of the rural area to the start of the town on both of those and you actually can push the car hard in 3rd and 4th the whole way through.

You get signs like this and might see 2 cars in that 50km drive. The only issue with these drives in my C63 was averaging 20-25l/100km and nearly running out of petrol
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