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Originally Posted by UncleWede View Post
For the alerts, does it repeat every x time period until you get back into range?
Only one alert. The alert says going high or going low, and advises you to check it. I didn't read the instructions to see if they meant to do a manual scan or a finger stick. I believe that it also gives the measurement at the time of the alert, but am too impatient to read the alert before I clear it.

I don't leave ANY app running on my iPhone. This will be a difficult transition.
It bugs my OCD, but I already have to leave the Verizon call-blocker app open.

Long ago I registered my Dr. in the app. They get the reports directly, I don't have to show them my phone (or the meter that I never used) When I talk to the Dr. she has those reports to go over with me.
I would rather *not* have my doctor see every single moment, just curated averages and patterns. What doctors don't know won't hurt me, if you know what I mean.

I'm curious if your insurance will cover the FL2 as a CGM.....
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