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I'm going to venture out on a limb here and perhaps ill be cut down.... i always run 98ULP in all my cars. I'm a big believer in the putting the best fuel in my cars. I do understand sometimes you cannot always find premium but i simply don't believe its worth the risk of putting low grade fuel in these high performance engines.

I did have a DTM warning come up too maybe 6 months ago and noticed a misfiring so took the car to my BMW dealership. I was fearing the 'injectors' .... but instead the dealership said nothing wrong with the injectors it was the plugs they were a little fouled and the car threw a warning... i was relived somewhat. 8 new plugs and all solved at a very reasonable price. I asked the dealership why the plugs would be fouled on my car with 40k klms, I rarely drive my 650 and they said 'and that's the reason sir'.... drive your car more regularly and on longer trips...the car will be much happier.
I was glad it wasn't the injectors as at $2500 per injector... i think it would be a little annoyed.....
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