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Originally Posted by LogicalApex View Post
Why are you lamenting it? You're concerned that as it improves they'll outlaw turning the technology off?
In time, probably.

Originally Posted by Humdizzle View Post
unfortunately what you are describing is what happened when the car replaced the horse. people still ride horses for fun, but its an expensive hobby for very small group of people. granted, an ice car can get your where you need to go just as fast as an EV.... but there will be laws, taxes, and costs associated with ICE cars that will continue to make them less appealing as an A to B car.
This is kind of what I was alluding to. Years ago I watched Jay Leno review the FCX Clarity. He said prior to the automobile, horses were common and they were treated poorly, etc., but when the auto came around it allowed horses to be free from being "DD's" and they are almost purely recreational. He equated alternative fuels vehicles to that, allowing us to use ICE purely for fun.

In part, I really agree. For 98% of people, ICE is not the way to go because they just don't care what gets them around for the most part. But once they all get to that point do we follow the same thing that happened to horses? Can we ride a horse anywhere? Of course not, that sounds ridiculous.

It might happen after our lifetime, but ICE and driving yourself might be for the track. We can have both now, but progress will inevitably happen.
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