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Originally Posted by London.Alex View Post
Hey Guys!

In the position of trying to update my car entertainment system. However, I am stuck with what the best cost-effective route would be long term. I have a BMW M6 2012 F13.

What I have found out so far:
1. Change the screen to an android.
2. Use a apple mmi interface adapter, that works with your current system.
3. Or the most expensive, change the whole mmi system from a CIC to NBT EVO ID5.

Obviously, the last option is very expensive, but is it worth the money compared to the others?

If you have done this or are in a similar position, I am open to all ideas and comments.

PS I have scrolled through the forums and I still did not find an answer. I only say this before you start mentioning "search the forum"

Thanks guys!
i did #2 it had some issues but once i realized i can plug in my phone directly to the usb its been working flawlessly
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