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My Dream Car Lineup

I love these fantasy posts, here's probably what my lineup would look like.

Dream Daily Driver - Bentley Continental GT W12
Name:  GT W12.jpg
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Like OP I think the GT would be an excellent daily driver. The move from MLB to MSB platforms has made this a true and proper luxury gran tourer now, the W12 engine is smooth as could be, and the interior is gorgeous, not to mention most of all, no b-pillars! However unlike OP, I'd get mine in Green on Tan.

Dream Family Car - Mercedes-AMG E63S Wagon
Name:  E63S Wagon.jpg
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The best performance wagon you can buy (even better than the sexier Audi RS6). Perfect mix of luxury and sport, and amazing practicality, no reason to buy some boring performance SUV when you can get car like handling with SUV practicality in the packaging of what is now a unicorn.

Dream Weekend Car - Porsche 918 Spyder
Name:  918 Spyder.jpg
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This was a tough choice but I've always wanted one of these and find that the mix of electrification with the Porsche V8 would make for a very cool experience behind the wheel, not to mention the car itself is just drop dead gorgeous.

Dream Track Car - BMW E30 M3 EVO
Name:  E30 M3 EVO.jpg
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It was between an E30 and W201 190E 2.3-16 but I gotta give it to the BMW as its just a classic especially in regards to racing. To be honest I don't know too much about the EVO E30 M3's over the regular one's but what I do know is that they're better and my choice for a track car would always be BMW's masterpiece, so why not get the best and coolest version available?

Dream Vintage Car - Mercedes W198 300SL Gullwing
Name:  SL Gullwing.jpg
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This was a surprisingly easy choice. From the looks, to the engine, manual gearbox and of course, the doors, this is easily one of the coolest cars of all time, and has always been a dream car for me.

Honorable Mention - Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 (or any classic Alfa)
Name:  GTV 2000.jpg
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I was gonna say LFA like OP until I remembered I was missing an Italian car. Nothing in the world has soul like the Italians and I've always loved an Alfa. Its hard to pick so I just said any classic Alfa, but the GTV 2000 is definitely towards the top of my Alfa list.
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