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The only thing I do that my neighbors don't is set the deck high and keep the blade sharp, once per month. The sharp blade is the key. The gas edger is also a good move, much better than the upside down trimmer.

My problems are rabbits ... and ignorant neighbors / neighbors friends parking their tires on the strip between the sidewalk and road. I spend so much time tending to that strip every spring, and within a few weeks some idiot ruins it. I want to put markers or something there, but at the same time I don't want to be a dick, and at the end of the day it is just grass. But I sat out there and watered it 2x per day for almost 6 weeks and then you just park right over it and kill it. One guy down the road has just said fuck it and filled the strip with lava rocks.

I also watch the LCN on youtube, I'm like 1% as dedicated as he is.
I have a lawn service and complain to them several times a year about the mowing height and blade sharpness. They sometimes humor me and get the blade sharpened but never seem to raise the mowing height. I don't think most people have an understanding of how important it is to not shred and scalp the lawn (or simply don't care about it). I have yet to find anyone who does a good job mowing and don't have the time (or inclination in the summer heat) to DIY.

I have seen some people that put small ornamental-ish blocks at the edge of the swale (what we call grass between sidewalk and street here) to prevent / discourage parking on it.
I use flags around troublesome areas where people like to pull on the grass. but I've made it apparent to everyone around to not park on the grass.