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I overseeded my crab grass with some drought-tolerant seed last fall, and actually watered it for a few weeks. I also covered it all with top soil and peat. This was just the front.

2 weeks ago, as I saw big storms heading our way, I put an all-purpose AND Ironite over everything. It's mighty green, and all the empty spots are filling in pretty nicely.

Of course, once the rain stops . . .

I have some wonderful couple of rows of leafy greens in my back garden. Green and Purple bok choy, regular and tiger-striped romaine, a stripe of arugula that is SO bitter, and then some red lettuce.

Fruit trees include avocado, orange, lime, plum, peach, guava, and a large pomegranate.

Then all the way in the back I grow my chickens.