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I'm sorry but 50% of BMW's now wear an ///M badge????

I knew they are watering the ///M brand down but 50% is ridiculous. Worse part 90% of the population doesn't know the difference between an M3 and a m sport package.

I really miss the days of one or two flavors, limited colors and knowing you had the best because it had the badge...
Especially when the m340i is faster than the e92 m3 lol.
Well you're comparing a car that came out in 2019 vs a car that came out in 2008. That's an 11 year difference. how much faster was an 07 335 to a 96 m3?

The funny thing is the M3 is still the more exciting car to drive. I still think the E90 M3 holds it own but in terms of absolute speed the newer cars are just insane.