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Originally Posted by swagon View Post
Those 50% also include regular BMWs with M Sport packages, not only M GmbH and M Performance cars, as said in the article. I am not surprised; given how bad the newest cars look, you gotta go for the M Sport pack to have your BMW look at least somewhat sporty and less blergh.
I get that... I have a diesel f31 m-sport that I keep at my place in Italy.... when I got it I couldn't even find one without the M-Sport package... not that I was complaining but I would have had to special order it without...

But here in the States, it has been a fairly recent thing to start putting an///M badge on non-m cars... especially on the boot or hatch lid. There used to be subtle little badges on your wheels or steering wheel if you had the package, but there was no mistaking a non ///M car vs its high-performance brother...

As I said, I just miss the day when seeing an ///M badge actually meant the car was special, and it was really only offered a couple of ways in limited numbers, its what made me an enthusiast all those years ago, and is why I am on BMW #23 for me now.

Funny enough my first ever BMW was 1987 M535i which was the only quasi/poser M model made utill they brought back that naming scheme... Even though it wasn't a real ///M car, I loved that car and it is what made me who I am today... can't believe I let it go.

Originally Posted by JustChris View Post
///Money makes the world go round.
Sure does... $300 in badges means $5K to the consumer... just so he/she looks faster than they actually are.