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Originally Posted by frozenM6 View Post
Originally Posted by Lexxm6 View Post
I did the the stage 2 Dinan software, Dinan cold air
Intake and the Dinan exhaust w/Black tips
Only cause I didn't want to void the BMW warranty .
It turns out that BMW and Dinan have parted their
Ways. What a bunch of bullshit.
Sorry I hear that. But shouldn’t Dinan warranty your car?? I’m sure it’s a beast.
Well get this I had an engine light come on about two months ago, so I took it to the BMW Dealership.
Once they t/s they told me it was coming from one of the vanos in one of the cylinders. They cleaned them
And the light hasn't come on since then . But they told me change to change sensor it was going to be 1k. And that's when they told me that BMW and Dinan were
No longer partners. So I called one the engineers
From Dinan that sold me the set up. To this day he's hasn't returned my phone call. Still waiting. Thank god the light hasn't came back on.