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Originally Posted by MelbourneFinn View Post
Indeed! And how many of us has been anywhere near the edge of the M6 performance envelope? Except for traffic light drag race...

As far as I'm concerned, the performance gains have become meaningless to what I think 99% of us, so other factors are more important...
Overall, just "bragging rights" for track times that folks wouldn't even come close to hitting themselves. A big GT car on the track isn't likely to happen. The performance gains become conversation points, or traffic light launches.

Originally Posted by brad850csi View Post
I was a bit surprised about this, obviously I'm going to be biased for the M6 but the only other times I could find where the cars had been on the same track on fastest laps is:

Autozeitung 1:37.80 vs 1:41.40 for the M8 GC vs M6 GC
Inta 1:08.37 vs 1:11.46 M8 Coupe vs M6 GC
Figure 8 23.30 vs 24.40 M8 Coupe vs M6 Coupe
Sachsenring 1:31.33 vs 1:36.20 M8 Coupe vs M6 Coupe

So overall there is about a 3% speed improvement for the M8 over the M6. I'm not sure why at Willow the M8 didn't do so well.
Same, it's almost guaranteed that the M8 will outperform the M6 with better tech, 4wd, and comparable suspension. Unsure why it was slower on this particular track, but that could come down to a variety of factors including driver's performance that given day.

Side note: Love watching Randy drive and talk about cars. If you guys aren't familiar, he did a view videos on a channel called VinWiki that are very entertaining.