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I was a bit surprised about this, obviously I'm going to be biased for the M6 but the only other times I could find where the cars had been on the same track on fastest laps is:

Autozeitung 1:37.80 vs 1:41.40 for the M8 GC vs M6 GC
Inta 1:08.37 vs 1:11.46 M8 Coupe vs M6 GC
Figure 8 23.30 vs 24.40 M8 Coupe vs M6 Coupe
Sachsenring 1:31.33 vs 1:36.20 M8 Coupe vs M6 Coupe

So overall there is about a 3% speed improvement for the M8 over the M6. I'm not sure why at Willow the M8 didn't do so well.
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