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Originally Posted by BadSeed View Post
Originally Posted by longnvu View Post
Can you share the link to the exhaust tips?
Still out of stock so a product link doesn't exist.

Here is another company that sells exhaust tips. All carbon fiber though.

Straight cut:

Angle cut:

Haven't purchased anything from them. Ask for specific specs & post here if you want.

Inner diameter of the inlet (this is very important to get right) - Ask for it in MM not inches. Should be 69MM to 70MM

I used a metric ruler instead of a caliper & mine was 68MM outer diameter. You can also see how the piping shrinks & curves (terrible design) so you can only push the tip back up to a certain point.


Length of the tips - this varies depending on how it clamps. This is also important so you don't end up with tips that stick out too much

Outer diameter - 101MM = 4". Mine is 91MM or 92MM or 3.5". This becomes important on certain types of diffusers.
Thanks for the xxii link.

I currently have the straight cut rolled end stainless steel exhaust tips in black chrome from Bimmian.

Now I'm kind of contemplating on the slant cut rolled end stainless steel exhaust tips that xxii has. These almost seem to be same as the BMS tips I had on M4 I used to own. xxii told me the inlet diameter is 70mm, outer diameter 97mm, length 142mm. Inlet diameter seems to be right but I'm kind of worried about the shrinking diameter and curve of M6 exhaust you have pointed out. Outer diameter of 97mm seem oversized for my diffuser as well... I'll have to do some measuring...