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Originally Posted by Whipple View Post
On A big turbo truck what intake would you use other than a K&N style filter for the best air flow?
Anyway I really think it depends on how your using it , I live in a city area were there is barely any dust compared to a dirt road area or a place say Dubai were there is dust storms everywhere
Plus I used K&N on all my cars and never seen any dust get past the filter, K&N has a so called million mile warranty if you can prove the filter caused your damage they will replace your engine .

Can you attach a link of evidence were a properly installed K&N filter let enough dirt though to cause catastrophic failure to engine parts ?

My concern was the Blitz filter , its a metal mesh no paper no oil style filter I believe that one can let dust through
If I get a min, I will find some details. Like I said, this is just what I have heard over the years and why it keeps me away.

If you google anything a long the lines of 'K&N dusted turbo powerstroke" or dodge, tons of stuff will come up from forum and or google images.
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