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Originally Posted by SoCalM6GC View Post
That info is incorrect. K&N uses paper filter media and nothing blocks dust and dirt more than a paper media filter.

The reason you would not want to use a K&N filter is because of the filter oil getting on the MAF sensors and causing issues you could potentially see on a drop in filter that sits close to the MAF sensors. On the cold air intake system the filters sit around 3 feet away from the MAF sensors so it's not something to be worried about, the oil could make it's way up the tube a little but it's not going to reach the sensors. For a drop in filter I would use something like an AFE Pro Dry media filter instead of the blue oiled version.

Maybe things have changes but over the years of having big turbo trucks, K&N was a no-no. There is enough evidence out there that they allow enough particulate through to chew up the blades on a turbo. A quick google search will show it. This is just what I know from years of turbo engines on diesel trucks. Now that forced induction is A LOT more common on cars now, maybe the product has gotten better. I just like to air on the side of caution after rebuilding 2 turbos.
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