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Originally Posted by Whipple View Post
Anyone running the RK Autowerks intake ?
Iím ready to buy this intake so there is an option of Blitz stainless steel mesh filter or K&N style filter , I will get the outer wears (pre filters)regardless to keep possible water out .
Anyone with some knowledge on these filters please let me know what is my best option, I read the Blitz filter doesnít stop dust as good as K&N ,not really sure how true this is , Thanks
I run the RK CF intake and the blitz filters makes a little more noise than the K&N but does let in dirt/dust. It's a metal mesh filter vs. a paper filter, the paper is going to keep more dust and dirt out of your engine. I don't run the Blitz filters on the intake anymore, just ran them one time for a couple of weeks.