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I had an F11 Sport on 19" rims and M Sport suspension and found the ride quite hard but it was nice, accurate and flat in corners. I now have a 630dGT MSport+ on 20" rims. The suspension and tyres have moved on a generation and it could not be called hard in any way. The car is supremely comfortable and handles much better than the last generation (5GT). Not quite as much fun to throw into a corner as your F11 (or a G30 for that matter) but a high quality tool and very easy to live with day to day.

Don't be put off by all the negative comments about this car. They are written by people who are not the target market. If you have a family, want to travel long distances in comfort, want more interior space than a 5 series but don't want the cost or image of an X5, have a good look at one of these.