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Originally Posted by vasi_M3 View Post
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Intonation is lost in text. Relax Mr. Defensive. Nobody is bitter. My question was a sincere one.

P.S. You might want to check the definition of a "fanboy". Outlining simple business decisions are not a component of fanboyism.
You sure had me fooled but maybe it was your own presumptions that got in the way. You said things like there's "no utility" , well then get a SUV or that BMW cannot make a lightweight passenger car, but aren't all cars passenger cars?
Overall I think you missed my point and generalized that now all BMW cars need to be super light and be a jack of all trades. That's not what I said, and I think only BMW knows what they can and cannot make, they've surprised us many times and can do it again.
Our M3/M4's have significantly more utility than a 911. It's part of the beauty of an M. Utility is why some choose an M3 over an M4, so why wouldn't that factor into a P-Car with useless back seats and a "trunk" that is barely good enough for a grocery run. If I have to explain that to you then there's more going on than a simple subtext issue.