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Originally Posted by thebmw View Post
I used to do oil catch cans back in the 2000's. So over 10 years ago. Boy time flies! I never really noticed a difference. But then again, I had not kept the cars for a super long time. I wonder if this really make a difference long-term if you are using fuel additives and cleaners such as Seafoam. That's kind of why I stopped using them.
Well, AFAIK the only problem with the original PCV hoses is that it goes straight to the intake pipe near the turbo.

You can keep you car good and healthy as possibile (premium gasoline/additives/oil change every 10k km) but the problem is that the oil residue still builds up and go straight into the turbos and in the intake.

I'm personally not a fan of that, beside the fact that with direct injection there's nothing that can clean the intake valve, so the residue of oil will stay there forever and continue to limit the amount of air flow.

I think i'm going to try build something like the author of the youtube video, i have not access to a 3d printer but i've saw there's some mounting thread in the front bracket so a small alluminium/metal plate will work just as good.

The only problem is that most of the smallest catch can comes with an embarassing 1/2" fittings and the hoses in the car are between 7/8" to 1-1/8"