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BMS oil catch cans installed

Hey guys ,just wanted to share some pics of the oil catch cans I installed,
As you may know our PCV system witch is the crank ventilation hoses they are piped directly into our air intake tubes ,so all this heat and oil mist from blow by is coating our intake system with oil ,so the cold side of the turbo and the intercoolers overtime can get oil in them and oil lowers octane.

Another thing is our cars have direct fuel injection so the fuel injectors spray directly over the piston being a more efficient ,the bad thing is the intake valves get crusted and caked with carbon overtime and some engines need there intake valves to be walnut blasted to be cleaned,Its a bad design but they dont care,Then you have Port injection engines they dont have this problem the fuel injectors spray across the intake valves always cleaning them but its not as efficient in making power, I believe some manufacturers now are combining both doing a port/direct injection system to alleviate this problem

So the oil that is being vented into our intake system will just contribute into crusting up the intake valves, this is were the oil catch can comes into play ,the vent tube gets routed into the catch can so if there is any oil it will fall and get trapped in the can then clean air going back into the intake system.

For anyone interested
The system I got was from BMS and you can only use it with aftermarket intakes stock intakes won't fit but if your creative you can use any catch can that fits and you need 2 with fittings hoses etc,it was fairly easy to install took me around 2 hours taking my time, they provide instructions,I recommend getting a hose cutter I used a sharp knife and it was a pain to cut straight.
You can use catch cans on any engine but recommended for turbo/forced induction engines and highly recommended for tuned turbo engines.
They recommend cleaning the catch cans at every oil change ,you can just reach under and unscrew the bottom half clean and reinstall.
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