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Couple of small niggles that I want to sort out and need a little advice


You may have seen my new F13 in the UK post recently. Iíve been loving the car and have just done a few maintenance items as needed since Iíve had it. But there are 2 items that are bugging me that im not sure where to start.

First is that on a call start, it idles ok for maybe 10 seconds then starts going very lumpy, just a very rough idle, for about 1 minute most, then if I leave it, it settles down again. If I try to drive it during the lumpy idle itís not that easy. After that first start of the day it seems fine.
I have an eventuri intake on it and cold start has been deleted but MAFs have been cleaned throughly and filters are clean etc. Any ideas where I should start diagnosing the issue?
After this lumpiness the idle is generally fine although I suppose you could say there are minor fluctuations that can be heard more than seen on the dial.

Secondly, I find it really hard doing small manoeuvres in the car. I thought it was me just getting used to the way it drives but actually, what I find is that you almost have to build up a few revs before the car moves, so when you eventually do move, the car jumps forward, and it does the same in reverse. Selecting reverse gear gives me a shudder through the box, then also takes a few revs to get going by which time the car jumps because itís like itís engaged the clutch at too high a Rev. If Iím on flat ground and Iím really careful I can move off slowly but otherwise it makes parking or other small slow manoeuvres really difficult.

I have done a full gearbox adaptation and relearn with ISTA but now difference.

Any ideas would be really helpfully