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Originally Posted by Kr0m3assass1n View Post
I came here for pics and found car porn.

Beautifully modded car, Flo1989.

Where did you procure your rear decklid spoiler from? And it looks like a Vorsteiner style? It seems the fitment is great.

I'm on my second V style from two different online vendors and not crazy thrilled with the quality & fitment. I'm still looking for the right one.
Lmaoo thanks man!

Here's the direct link to the one I ordered:

It's really a hit or miss with these types of things. Fitment was probably 9/10. The CF weave is decent. Maybe 8/10. But this is me comparing it my diffuser which definitely cost a looot more, so I'd expect slight differences in quality. I'm decent with a DA polisher so I was able to "jewel up" the spoiler to a very acceptable finish.

At it's price point, you cant go wrong giving it a shot. And if you aren't pleased with the quality, they have a 30 day return policy.