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Originally Posted by M6Roar View Post
Fellow Bimmers,

I'm looking to tune my '14 M6GC. Currently, my eyes set on BM3. However, I would add a DP on stage 1 98RON in addition to Meth. Upon research, I got more confused rather than being clear.

My idea is to have the tune between 600whp and 620whp (currently 530whp stock with muffler delete), DP for the spool and meth to keep my engine clean and cool.

Would stage 1 remove DP CEL too?
Should I add JB4 to the equation as a meth controller only?

Your inputs are highly appreciated as I'm about to lose it lol.
Stage 1 flash by itself will get you in the horsepower range you want to be in. You wouldn’t really need Dp or meth but if you want to add those, you can easily do stage 2 tune to take advantage of the Dp/meth set up. Any flash tune will be able to code out the CEL for you if you did Dp’s. JB4 may be overkill for a stage 1 tune only. Sounds like you may as well do a stage 2 tune with all this set up.