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Hi Mark

I downloaded the beta app today from the marketplace and wanted to give my feedback.

First off I am using:
HTC Droid Incredible (the first one released) running Gingerbread 2.3.4 (All Stock) using Verizon

First the app downloaded fine, asked me to restart my phone, played with the app, everything fine for 30 mins. The pages on the main page were sticky with scrolling but got better once inside the forum pages. But after 30 mins of using the screen went black, had to hit my home button to get back to my homescreen, then tried to re-open the app and still get a black screen. So I re-booted my phone, went back to open the app and still getting a black screen after I open the app. So I removed the app. Weird cause it worked fine for 30 mins.

I know it' a beta so I look forward to using it again once the beta is complete. I do want to say that once you get to the forum page, you really should re-design that page because the button at the bottom that says reload take up about 1/4 black bar of dead space that takes away from your display, maybe make that a button a hide away option? Maybe this will be fixed after beta is complete. I just like as much real estate as I can get on my 3.7" display.

Just some helpful feedback on the new beta app. When it's complete let us know at the top of the forum and I will download it again.