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Originally Posted by dreamingat30fps View Post
Well I guess it would depend who's responsible for cutting the grass in his lease. I would imagine since the HOA is suppose to do it the owner would be responsible. Plus OP says he doesn't want to talk to the owner. Kill 2 birds with one stone.

If he gets evicted problem is solved anyways.

Alternatively OP could just go express his frustration by rioting in the streets. Giving OP more options since he will not just move the car.
Good point. Sounds like landlord is responsible for cut though, I mean if HOA cuts it, it would have to be landlord's responsibility legally, I think?

I dunno OP said he cuts this thing with weedwacker? What is it, a strip of grass? If narrow spot I kind of don't blame them. They are just trying to cover their ass like anyone else.

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