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Originally Posted by 309xi View Post
You sound like you want to make it worse. Just my opinion..
Sure.... Did I not ask a question trying to avoid that problem? I don't want to make oit bad for any one. My brothers wife had a similar situation, had no clue she was adopted but made sense since her parents always treated her different (horribly) than her siblings. She found her dad because he used one of the services too. He was thrilled to have her find him and now they have a great relationship. Made her a totally different person.

To be clear my uncle is in no relationship, she is in her 30s and needs absolutely no financial assistance.

I think I'm going to mention it to him and see what he would like to do. If he doesn't want to be known I'll keep it to that way. He knows he has a few kids out there so it honestly wouldn't shock him too much. Just not sure how his memory will be.
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