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Originally Posted by Joekerr View Post
Sadly no...I haven't met one yet that is adventurous enough to give it a shot.

However, mine did convert my wife from liking her steak so overcooked that it resembled some sort of burnt offering to a medium (and sometimes I sneak in a little more medium rare than medium for her).

I'm much happier cooking her steak now. When she wanted her steak overcooked it almost made me cry doing that to an otherwise lovely piece of meat.
Oh my. That reminds me of the days when my dad would order filet by asking for the center to be..... grey. At a very casual restaurant a waiter actually confirmed our orders of steak and doneness. When he got to my dad he said, "and some expensive beef-jerky for you".

All has not been lost though, he's now ordering medium these days.

Originally Posted by TXSTYLE View Post
After I replied... I figured that.

I have had great tasting BBQ from all over. But there's something about the satisfaction of preparing and cooking your own food.
amen to that!

Originally Posted by TXSTYLE View Post
Without question, charcoal gives the best flavor. BUT, I have gotten some amazingly tasty results by placing moist smoking chips heavy duty foil, poking some holes in it and getting that awesome smoky flavor! Charcoal is also such a PITA to cleanup.
I doubt most people can tell the difference from gas and charcoal if the cook is a good one.

I recently switched from briquets to lump and the lump burns far more cleaner and complete. I have at least 40% less ashes from lump. Using a chimney charcoal lighter has also proven to be awesome. I usually fill it half way with new lump, then take the unburnt remains in the grill and load it in the chimney on top of the new. Take a match and light the paraffin wax cube, 12-15 min later and you're ready to cook up your favorite cuts.

Originally Posted by P1et View Post
Am I the only one that BBQs on lump charcoal?
Fellow savage here.
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