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Originally Posted by Thxrick View Post

As an aside, I was asking one of the employees at my local store about shotguns. Can't beat one for home defense. He commented that more and more people are moving to ARs because of the increased amount of ammo and its accuracy. I'm going to have to check this out. I fired one a few years ago and it was unbelievable..
Originally Posted by ASAP View Post
AR's are awesome, I will tell you right now...

As far as home defense, my prefence is pistols... the problem with AR's is they are too powerful for home defense and penetrating walls of your house and hitting your neighbors in an emergency is high... as far as shotguns, they will cause an extreme mess, and if you have the wrong weight of buckshot, it can actually can bounce back or ricochet indoors...
Originally Posted by Fundguy1 View Post
I have ar, ak and 12 gauge. I grab shotgun if I'm defending. Why? More stopping power than anything else, still have 9 rounds, pump noise should be enough to stop aggression, dont need to be as accurate, rounds wont travel through neighbors walls killing them, etc. Mine is a 9 round pump with low recoil manstopper buckshot for accurate followup.
Sheetrock penetration is, for the most part, very similar between 00 Buck, 5.56 and 9mm JHP. We're talking about only 1 to 2 sheets of drywall between the least penetrating and the most penetrating.

What might be the most under scrutinized aspect of using an AR for in home defense is sound pressure. Prepare to most likely have some permanent hearing damage if firing a 55gr 5.56 in a small room. If i had to use an AR for in home defense, it would be my 9" barreled .300blk chambered with subsonic rounds with a suppressor.

00 Buck is going to create less sound pressure, but as with the AR, you have to be concerned about using a longer weapon in confined spaces. Something people should practice if they are going to use a long gun for CQB. Though the best advice for home defense is to take up a singular defensive position with a shotgun which gives you some type of cover or the ability to see and identify the intruder prior to them seeing you. Also, bear in mind that at the typical home defense shooting occurs at a range of 7 to 12 ft. At 12 ft, 00buck only has about a 2" spread out of a 16" barrel. (slightly larger spread with shorter barrel length of course, but we're talking another 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch) So don't think you don't have to worry about accuracy.

Given the ballistic similarities in terms of penetration, if i were to investigate something going bump in the night, i would choose my H&K 9mm pistol with 17rd capacity and a weapon mounted light. I can operate the pistol and weapon light effectively with one hand, either hand at that. I very much like the ability to keep effective control of my weapon with just one hand leaving one free to operate doors, lights, phone, etc... If i were certain someone was in my home, i'd have the wife armed with a shotgun and i would wield a 9mm bull-pup with a weapon light. We would take up a defensive position in our bedroom which creates a fatal funnel. That's what works for us and we've practiced it. If our house were different our plan would likely be different.

Everyone needs to realize that the most effective weapon in your home is your brain. Training in your home, finding the best defensive position, making a plan to get there and hold it will give you far better chances to survive a home innovation than just picking your favorite defensive tool.
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