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Originally Posted by SkipSauls View Post
I like most of the two and four door previews and renders, except for the trunk cut line that is a jarring reminder of the ugly Bangle/Hooydonk designs. I guess that they're striving for some continuity with the current "bustle" butt on the current 6, but really they should have left that out. The new 5 looks good from most angles and thankfully doesn't have the awful cut lines of the past, so why keep them on the even nicer looking 6?
becuase that trunk cut out is the look of the 6. you eliminate that then you just have a big 3 series. this is why the 6 stands out from the rest. no one is going to look at the trunk cut out line when you're driving by. they are going to say damn thats a sweet car hes got.