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I would not expect some mechanical damage that caused knocking to throw any codes unless the oil pressure dropped very low.

I do not know what the car does once you exceed redline - the "fail safe" as you put it - but whatever it is it does not include knocking, to state the obvious.

If you have a warranty, you can be sure it will not pay a claim as big as a new engine w/o a lot of inquiry to look for ways not to pay for an engine. I do not know the full extent of what they can tell from stored data, but it's a lot. I once disconnected a parking sensor for a few minutes on an 2010 BMW, and later after purchasing a scanner you could see the exact date I did it and what the ambient temp was at the time. Somebody on here may know exactly what a dealer can see or not. Can they see you exceeded redline and by how much and for how long? I'm betting yes. Can they see every time the car asked for oil, and how long it was asking before it was answered, I'm less confident of that, but would not bet against it. You better read the fine print of your warranty carefully before you take it in. It certainly has some sort of disclaimer about "racing" or off-street competition to exclude any tracked cars, but it would be interesting to see how specific it is about driving on the street and exceeding the redline.

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