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Originally Posted by UncleWede View Post
Since my wife has decided she needs to walk, I've been taking her each night.

I generally feel GREAT for 2-3 days when I return to the ocean level. I try to get in at least one slightly longer run upon my return, to set a new point. But alas, even with just the walking 1.8 miles last night, the PF is acting up. SUCKS getting old(er)
Dang thatís brutal man. Have you tried weights for you legs. Squats with weight, lunges, single leg toe raises etc. 90+% of running or leg pains is from a muscle imbalance in the chain. Either hips, gluteus or hams. Something to try. You could also have flat arches causing your ankle to natural tilt in causing. But for PF I would do single leg raises on the edge of a stair 3 sets 3 times a day then add a little weight. Hope this helps man!
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