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[QUOTE=Dlpfcb;27061283]Whats Up Everyone! Wondering what running goals are out there for 2021. With 2020 canceling almost all running races it made for a tough year with so much training unused. Overall happy with my years performance, just tough with most annual PRs coming from running solo instead of racing besides the Marathon time. Would love to see some others times and goal races for 2021! Good luck out there!

So I haven't run for a long while now, I used to be religious about it. The funny thing is I prefer to run alone, I enjoy the peace and quiet alone with my thoughts, no music or any of that. I'd like to start running a little bit again, I've had some injuries along the way and been hard on my body so lots of aches and pains, knees, hips ankles back and neck. I go for a brisk walk for at least an hour everyday but would like to start getting a few short runs in so I know I'm not completely over the hill....I think that's my goal for 2021.

Good luck with yours. Happy New Year.
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