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Originally Posted by polychromatic View Post
Unfortunately I think that is a trend in regulation. How do you find the Levo as far as battery life?
You're right on regulation. I have talked with my LBS, and the uptake on e-bikes has hit a wall. I ended up trading it in for a 2019 Specialized Enduro Comp. Literally, park rangers were handing out citations at the bottom of single tracks. Signage now posted everywhere. I know folks still ride them, but if you're riding at peak times, at the local trails, it was just a hassle.

Regarding the Levo battery life, it is very good. In my experience, I keep the assist dialed down, I've completed plenty of rides here in SoCal, with a fair amount of elevation and never had issues with battery reserve capacity.

Not sure how familiar you are with the Levo, but through their iOS app, I configured 3 different power modes; 90% of the time running ~15% motor assist. I never run full Turbo mode through the trails. Just pisses people off.

This was my 2nd Levo, I bougth the first generation in 2017. The one pictured in my thread, had a slight bump in power output, I rode the latest generation, which was bumped again, and the power output is impressive.
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