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Originally Posted by RagtagXMASTER View Post
So i took my car in today and they checked her out. Car has no leaks. They said mist likely it leaks through the Schrader valves the ac machine hooks onto. So they recovered 0.26 lbs of refrigerant. They put in 1.60 lbs and now i have perfectly cool AC.
Schraeder valves should have caps on them to prevent leakage. (I work in the HVAC field) They tend to leak as they age. These cars (F10 5 series) as well tend to have slow leaks at the condensor coil seams. Faulty design. The new designed condensors do not leak. If it starts to hiss again, they have to replace the condensor. A vaccum test(leak test) won't show it leaking. They have to pressurize the system with dye tracer and then they will see condensor "sweating" (leaking) refrigerant at the seams of the coil.
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