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Originally Posted by DarkMastyr View Post
From what I've been able to gather (you can see some threads in the M5 forums as well), all these companies seem to be getting the same carbon parts from the same factories in China. You can find the same parts on AliExpress. Fitment is a crapshoot. Delivery takes several months at least.
I've seen people in this forum sourcing their CF parts from eBay and they said that their fitment is perfect but now that you are saying its crapshoot I don't know if getting the genuine parts is the only way for the good fitment or its the installation process that can close the gap in fitment issue.

I wish someone who has gone through sourcing to installing the CF parts process to give guidance on where to get the parts ( exact store/seller name if it is eBay ). I was really relying on RW Carbon because its local but since they don't carry some of the parts I was interested I am trying to extend my search now through this forum.

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