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Originally Posted by mikerx5 View Post
so an update - dropped this off am, it was drained, tested, and refilled - all set - cost me $150.

my local indy only works on bmw and porsche and seemed to have no concerns, he said typical full is 1.6, i was at .3 - and he looked for leaks with multiple tests, and nothing popped up.

so for me at least, it was a recharge. I will say - the air was never warm even on hot days, just not mildly cool. and the rear pass vent was much cooler - so there was hope at least that there was something smaller than an evap or condensor.

ill monitor and update if anything else changes - thanks for the feedback. and no, there is no more hissing sound!
Thanks for the update Mike, i will go do the same, mine doesnt hiss, but it only blows hot air. I will post up here to once i check it out!