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Originally Posted by sir harmony View Post
You mean the part where you say "Best case scenario a drain and fill would solve it"? Is that not the portion I quoted? Am I missing something? Not sure why your panties are in a twist. If you don't like people pointing out your ridiculous statements and/or suggestions, then try wearing boxers.

Beat it? Really? Okay. The forum's yours buddy.
Reading comprehension must not be your strong suit. Again, have you had A/C issues in your F06 M6? Are you a certified BMW mechanic?

What you have stated is some basic A/C knowledge that a 1 minute YouTube video can teach you and doesnít help the OP.

What I stated is EXACTLY what happened when my A/C stopped blowing cold in a car that is similar to the OP and actually provides insight into a real experience. They drain it, measure it, refill it, look for leaks. What are you not understanding about that?

Please call some BMW dealerships and independent dealers and ask what they are going to do when your A/C isnít blowing cold in the M6.

So yeah, beat it Autozone.