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Originally Posted by Jeffxxx View Post
What year and how many miles?

Best case scenario a drain and fill would solve it...
Absolutely not! What sense does it make to drain and refill refrigerant? It's not engine oil that gets dirty. If you have it drained but refilled with a 'sealing' agent, then that's a different story. I wouldn't advice anyone to refill with a sealing agent, but it makes sense and might work (drain and refill scenario).

Originally Posted by Jeffxxx View Post
with these cars it's not a simple "recharge" anymore.
This I agree with. But that's universal across all manufacturer lines and has been that way for decades.

Originally Posted by RagtagXMASTER View Post
i havent looked into it yet, but ive seen on a few 6s that the AC needs to be recharged every 2 years supposedly.
I would love to see where you got that info. I'm genuinely interested to see the explanation and science behind that. I'm not disagreeing with you as there is potential to learn something. Maybe this is something new.

Guys, unless there is some environmentally friendly chemical in refrigerants, it is not supposed to decrease over time. A/C systems are sealed because refrigerants (R-12 and R134 for cars) damage the ozone. Recharging over time as some of you mention suggests that the system is venting into the atmosphere. No system is designed that way. You might get away with recharging every time the temperature vent gets warm, but the underlying root of the problem will persist.