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Originally Posted by Qsilver7 View Post
Just an FYI since you mentioned you haven't driven the car a lot in the last 3 if its been like it is here in the Great Lakes region...there haven't been that many HOT make sure that you don't have the stratified air dial (the one in the middle of the dash's center vent) turned to the red area.

Just bringing it up because many times...people forget when the seasons change that this little dial can affect the temperature of the air blown from the dash vents regardless of how you have the temp set on the IHKA control panel. If you have the temp set at 70° F and the ambient temp is 80°F...and you have the stratified air dial turned into the red area...warmed air is going to blow from the dash and the system will compensate by sending cooler air to the floor or defrost vents if you have the system set on AUTO. But what you're going to feel more prevently is the warned air blowing from the dash vents.
Oh im aware of that issue, don't you worry! I played around with it for what felt like hours and will drive it again today.

My indy is 2 miles from the house and while i was angry driving around popped in and he was still there at 9pm. Said he wants to recharge next tues but since the back was throwing out some cold air it may be just a recharge ... this was a cali car so no question the AC was used very frequently.

And yes, in 3 months i may put 300 miles on it, max