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Plus where the higher paying jobs are centered in metropolitan areas. Local officials have not done anything to address the transportation infrastructure in those areas. Take the DC area for instance. Pretty much nothing has been done to fix this issue with the exception of the silver line for the metro in Northern VA. Yet, you have commuters that come in from all areas such as all parts of Maryland, southern Pennsylvania, southern Virginia, and West Virginia. I495, I95, and I270 are total messes around the clock. And when there is an issue on any of those highways, you have a routine 10 to 20 mile backup. None of the politicians have the balls to make the hard decisions for fear of upsetting people that would vote to keep them in office.

So when you have people dealing with now a routine 2 hour commute one way into the office, you have high demand for housing close in to where the jobs are. And the housing is going to get worse as Amazon ramps up in the area. Add to this the fallout from the jobs situation from this virus situation where many of those jobs are probably gone forever, you have people migrating to this area for employment because of the Federal government...Fortune 1 employer.
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