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Originally Posted by Deep_Blue View Post
I posted my Automower on here a while back. Love it, but my side yard's drainage was so bad it kept getting stuck or clogged with mud. Last weekend I finally tackled the beast.

Hand dug the first 100 feet, machine dug the second 100 feet.
Tied in 4 downspouts and 2 wall drains
Cut my cable line twice
Hit my irrigation lines three times
Got caught in a thunderstorm before I could re-fill the second half, so i got to bury it with soaking wet clay the next day and its a huge mess.

Yard still looks like a construction zone, but when it rains the water flies out of the pop up heads by the road. Hoping it looks respectable again in a few weeks...
Good for you. I did this job years ago and every time it rains I think how that effort was worth it. Good call getting the Ditch Witch.

I also installed an outdoor sump pump underground because there was a corner of the backyard patio that was to low to drain to the street naturally. I was hosing off the patio yesterday and thinking to myself, it was hard work putting it in but so worth the effort.