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Originally Posted by hybrid_eg View Post
Thanks for all the tips!!

The marks in red were just preliminary layout ideas but for sure I'll swap things around and make sure i have some clear space on the side of the grill. Once i have the actual equipment I'll have better idea of the actual arrangement given the space i have to work with.
I'll definitely check on the burner and see if i can test the one I'm getting to see how the flame works, it would be pity if you're unable to simmer things, my idea was not to have to walk back and forth to kitchen. I definitely plan on using the grill and was thinking of getting the glass window if I'm already going all out, i assume the concern is that it would frequently get dirty and would end up being more of a chore than accessory? My primary concern is that this stuff last a few years of moderate use without any failures, will also get the covers for grill and burner so its protected from elements.

Thank you again!
Yes, the concern is the glass always looking terrible.

Obviously I don't know your previous experience with gas grills, but if you have taken a look at the firemagic burner element I am sure you will be as impressed as I was. I don't see how one of those could ever burn out/wear out. They are thick cast stainless, and they have a crazy warranty.

Mine is under a solid roof, so I didn't get a cover, if it wasn't I definitely would get a cover.

Regarding the quality of Firemagic (I'm going to sound like a salesman for them), I really don't think you will find better quality, equal perhaps, but not better.

Be sure to post pictures of you progress!