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Originally Posted by Jims M3 View Post
I just bought a 14 M6 GC about 3 weeks ago. I am a big BMW enthusiast and have had several BMW's. Each one has had upgrades done to it. I bought the GC as a car to work in and around the DFW metroplex and sold my Cayman S. So far I love the car, but wanted to do a stage 1 tune.

The first thing I did was replace the spark plugs and filters, did an oil change and then got the Mission Performance stage 1 tune.

First off the process was very easy with Mission Performance, the instructions were clear and the process worked flawlessly. I sent them my base tune via ENET cable and the next day they sent back the revised tune.

It installed in about 10 minutes and re-flashed the DME. I took it out for a drive and hoped I didn't get any "Drivetrain Malfunction" CE's. It worked flawlessly no issues and the car runs fantastic.

Power difference......amazing. I have a tuned C7 Corvette as well with Cam and Headers, this M6 just pulls so hard. I did a couple of pulls in 4th gear to redline and it was simply amazing how quickly the car hit 135 MPH. I need to take to a dyno and see what it is actually putting down at the wheels.

For $800 it was a great upgrade! I love flash tunes.....

My wife has an X5 with the N63 TU motor and a Racechip, while this car has more immediate torque, I think that is likely do to the Automatic. I think the traction control light is blinking more than it is putting down the power in the M6. I turned the traction control off but it still intervenes. I almost wish the M6 has an auto in it like the X5M I think it would work better in this car.

Regardless I am very happy with the tune. Amazing how well this car handles for such a porker.
If you turn traction off your on your own holds no power back ,you probably had it in MDM mode where the traction control still kicks in but you can drive more aggressive ,you must hold the traction button down for approx 5 secs and then you will really feel the power,Learn how and use the paddle shifters you get much more out of the car
My motions are when I first get in my ( M2) sport plus on engine, comfort or sport on steering ,and comfort on suspension and hold down the traction button to turn off ,give that a try