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Originally Posted by JamesNoBrakes View Post
Does your truck actually recommend premium?

It’s the high compression high performance engines, often turbo, that do.

I would wager that most people on this site have cars that recommend premium to prevent knock due to the high performance aspect of their engines, vs people that have lower performance engines that do not recommend high octane (because it doesn’t do anything).
iirc dodge recommends 89.

heres a good comparison car and driver did.

I can tell you that with my BMW, i would have to get 4 mpg difference to break even with the cost of premium (tuned n54 335) and with my genesis g70, i have to get 5mpg difference to break even. Both of those recommend premium and i run premium in them. (BMW ~25mpg 91, G70 ~27mpg on 91). And i never had that big of a difference in mpg with different fuels, e85 excluded.

edit: with all that, the performance benefits and knock resistance of the higher octane fuels is worth the few cents per mile difference between the 2. in my truck, with 76k miles in 4 years, the overall cost difference if gas was the same for all 4 years is only a couple thousand $. For my other cars, with less miles and better fuel economy, its even less. like 1-2 cents more per mile
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