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Originally Posted by TheWatchGuy View Post
probably not.

did a quick calc based on info for my work truck since i drive that a lot and know pretty well what i get mpg for regular and premium, and with the current gas prices in my area ($3.50 for regular, $4.20 for premium), I have to get 3 mpg better than regular for it to break even on a cost per mile basis.

For reference, my truck gets ~17.5 mpg on 87 and ~18-18.5 mpg on 91.
Does your truck actually recommend premium?

Itís the high compression high performance engines, often turbo, that do.

I would wager that most people on this site have cars that recommend premium to prevent knock due to the high performance aspect of their engines, vs people that have lower performance engines that do not recommend high octane (because it doesnít do anything).
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