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NOT a good deal at all...

Mmm.. That car has been used for a year and they only coming off $7,000k?
Again, like previously posted, the Canadian market may be different; but I too, ordered a 2013 640i; and the discount that I was able to get was more than what they are offering you.
In my humble opinion, the starting negotiating point should be the dealer cost number, NOT the MRSP. Then from that point on, see how much they are willing to come down, or; what kind of perks/extras can they throw your way. In addition to that, here in the US, there is now a Holliday credit of $3,500, an loyalty credit of $750 that you can then add to the Capital cost if you use BMW financial services (lease or buy); not sure if you have those incentives in Canada.
There are folks in this forum, that had gotten 14 to 19k+ off the MRSP, when buying left over 2012 models that have no milage on them.
Even though your dealer wants you to think different, remember this basic premise: you are not buying a left over 2012 floor model; you are buying a 2012 car that has been used for a year!.
Just my 0.02