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Originally Posted by CTinline-six View Post
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I certainly don't spray it down BEFORE mowing, so there shouldn't be anything.

What prompted this was going into the shed and it smelled like I forgot to empty the bag the last time. Nope, it was empty. After mowing (for the second time this week ) I looked under and found it all caked up, possibly slowing down the blades it was so thick.
Oh definitely not before mowing haha.

I'm talking about the mowers with the wash ports on the deck. Usually it only gets out some of the grass, leaving the underside of the deck only partially clean and the remaining grass dry. Rots them out in around 5 years.

Is it wet when you mow? Certain kinds of grass are worse at caking underneath than others.
I live in Cali. Is it wet when I mow???

Actually it has been of late

When I wash the deck, it's wheels up baby!
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