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Originally Posted by patchesj View Post
I haven't spent the time to really dig in to the answer on this, but I have my guesses... Why is no one looking at the radiator side of the equation? If you increase the heat transfer on the cooler side, you still need to dump it to the air somewhere or all you are doing is heating the coolant... I suspect that BMW did not oversize the radiators just for fun, and so there isn't going to be a tremendous amount of excess capacity to make larger coolers actually do anything (other than maybe short term coolant temp increases).

To me the answer here is methanol. I ran methanol injection on my supercharged Corvette motor with great success. Downside is this is really only a "street" or drag race solution as at some point on a road course or extended race you are going to run out of the stuff with very negative results. I wouldn't even contemplate new charge coolers on the M6 unless you are approaching air flow limits and they are capping raw power potential because of pressure drops, cooling isn't going to get much better.
To prevent any negative impacts, I did not tune specifically for meth. My setup is merely for cooling properties & octane boost and I have noticed a better timing 11+ which helped in getting the most out of the tune.

In case meth failed for any reason nothing serious will happen.

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