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People don't realize how hard it is to decrease weight in a modern car, while keeping the cost reasonable for its target demographic. Sure, the M2 could be made out of carbon fiber, but the cost and maintenance will be astronomical.

Not to mention all the new safety features, which not only includes the electronics, but also the various structural components that absorb the force and crumples in the predicted manner.

If you want lightness, look at the great ND Miata. But also know it compromises on pure power, not to mention how skinny the tires are. One key reason Mazda designers did not want to increase power is due to weight. In fact, the Japanese Mazda designers actually wanted the 1.5L to be standard, instead of adding a 2.0L. And lastly, look at the interior quality of the Miata. To get the weight down, the materials cannot be compared in terms of luxury feel of a BMW (read: not saying Miata quantity is poor).

I'm being optimist and hope even if BMW could get the next gen to 3400 - 3500 lbs, that would be a miracle.
If Porsche and Lotus can make 3000-3100 lbs cars with the build quality and all the safety tech required today I don't see why BMW can't do it. What happened to their carbon plastic products used in the i3 which starts at under 3000 lbs.

I realize it's not as easy today to make the cars lighter but it's not impossible. When you charge $140k for an M4 GTS and all you do is trim a few pounds and slap a roll cage and big wing you get an undesirable product. You either stay true to an ethos or you don't and I think BMW is walking away from it. On a side note I did drive the new M340 and it felt more fun to drive than the M5 and M2 comp, an everyday car that felt very agile.
Did you read what I posted earlier? A GT3 is 3200 lbs.; a GT4 is 3000 pounds. There's NO UTILITY in either car. Porsche sells those cars at a low volume; they are a niche car company. BMW IS NOT. BMW cannot produce a passenger car at GT4 weight, and surely not without charging Porsche prices or beyond. You are high!

If a Lotus worked for you, you'd already be driving one. If a Porsche worked for you, you'd be driving one of those too.
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